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Course Information

  • Duration: Half Day
  • Max Delegates: 12
  • Location: Your Premises
  • Value: £650.00 + VAT
  • Instructor: Various
  • Requirements: No experience necessary

Expert Defib Tuition

Our Defib training course focuses on teaching the delegate how to use a Defib, also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). A Defib is a machine which automatically diagnoses and treats life-threatening heart attacks, and is a common alternative to CPR. The Defib uses the application of therapy through electrical pulses to help the casualty retain a regular heart rhythm.

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Course Content

Delegates will work through the course to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • How CPR works
  • Keeping the casualty and the rescuers safe
  • How the AED works and when to deliver the first shock
  • Basic procedures during the process
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty
  • Recognising irregular breathing
  • Recognising heart rhythms
  • Recording information and reporting the accident
  • Emergency services handover
  • How to pass your final assessment